What will happen in “Tozluyaka” tonight?

NTC Medya signed “Tozluyaka” which will be on the Fox screen with its new episode tonight. In the series, the first victims of Cemre’s game have been revealed. In order to win, they must spend what they value most. Now they have to choose.

The ones from Tozluyaka, who are unaware of all these games, have put Çagrı and Ege in their target. But they can’t prove anything. Ali, on the other hand, chooses to remain calm in his fight with Berk, but he cannot escape the great disaster that will happen to him.

In this difficult process, the secrets that Çagrı will learn will turn his life upside down. He will lay the foundation of love, which will begin after a real conversation, free from lies, with the only person he will take refuge with.

Everyone will pay for their choices.

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