Everyone is fighting for Ceylin to be found

Kanal D’s record-breaking series “Yargi”, produced by Ay Yapım and starring Kaan Urgancıoglu and Pınar Deniz, comes to the screen with its new episode.

Ceylin has been the target of the well killer in the series. He finds himself in the same place as other abducted people. Ilgaz is not aware of this yet. Ilgaz, who is struggling like crazy to catch a deficit of the murderer, is devastated by the fear of losing Ceylin.

Chief Prosecutor Pars found himself on a dark road on his way to find his brother’s murderer as soon as possible. Will Ilgaz, Eren, and Derya, who see this drift of hers very clearly, be able to calmly restrain Pars’ pain?

As to how and why the new “target family” was chosen, everyone, especially Ceylin, has to struggle with the psychological and manipulative games of the murderer. They all have the same question in mind: Why do we and what does the killer want from us?

While everyone is working hard for Ceylin to be found, Ilgaz is ready to show a thousand folds of this effort… He, like Pars, was shot in the middle of his life, he has to go very fast in the case. In this way, he will not hesitate to confront even his most loved ones.

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