Adi Sevgi

The arrival of young high school teacher Elif Türkkan, who is passionate about her profession, to Sarpça becomes a turning point in the lives of everyone living in this small town. When Elif meets the despair of Zeynep, who is in the prime of her life, she takes in her wing. Thus, she enters into a war on her own with this family, which has fallen like a nightmare on Volkan and Sarpça, the heirs of the powerful Baykara family that Zeynep is forced to marry. In time, Elif will realize that someone other than herself is trying to change the unfortunate fortune of the district. It is confusing for Elif when she encounters the mysterious Emir Baykara, who has turned her back on her own family. However, there is something that comes first for Elif. Thanks to her unremitting struggle for her students, she will start with Zeynep and make Esma, Doğukan, Arda, Cem, Gülendam, Fidan and many others look to the future with hope. Her name is Sevgi, about the change that a young woman, who would risk everything for her students, created with determination, love, and self-sacrifice in students, families, and the whole district.

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